Malena Souto Arena

Malena Souto Arena is a curator, researcher and teacher specializing in digital electronic, sound and audiovisual art. Since the beginning of her practice, she has focused on exhibition and research projects in the field of installations. She holds a degree in Cinema from the University of Cinema in Buenos Aires, where she studied art proposals based on time and space such as video art, experimental cinema, installations and technological visual art. In 2013, she founded the audiovisual department of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires, working as an exhibition and academic curator. Since 2017, she works as an independent curator.

During my residency, I will work on a research project about installations and expanded image shows, introducing cases from Finnish artists and exhibitions. I will hold weekly interviews in my workspace, open to the public. We shall examine the transformation of the nature of the image through the installation device as well as exhibition designs that conceptualize the symbolic, narrative, and material aspects of the artworks. My studio space will fold back on itself, displaying the notes, images, video projections, and theoretical framework as a map and memory of my encounters throughout my stay.

Malena Souto Arena’s residency is realised in the context of HICP – Helsinki International Curatorial Programme, a collaboration between Frame Contemporary Art Finland and HIAP.