Madeleine Andersson

Madeleine Andersson is a Swedish artist who holds a MFA from the Royal Danish Art Academy. In her research-based practice she questions and re-works current definitions of the apocalypse – whether it’s a personal ending, a disclosure of knowledge or an ecological catastrophe – into intuitive video installations. By using precise language and explicit imagery in multimaterial compositions she ultimately bridges the scale between global phenomenon and local inclinations by imposing personal needs and emotional curiosity onto politics of annihilation. Andersson has shown work at among Kunsthal Charlottenborg (DK), MANIFESTA13 (FR), SMAK (BE), Bærum Kunsthal (NO) and Färgfabriken (SE).

During my stay at HIAP I will initiate my new research project ”Libidinal Currents”. Somehow I will forcefully connect regimes of lust and desire to the history of infrastructures – linking libidinal currents to trade routes, harbours to prostitution, fear of incest to asphalt, power grids to monogamy or electricity to romance. By intensely reading and scribbling my hope is that a speculative map will emerge, explaining both pipeline placement and my inert yearn for relational completion.