Luke Jones

Luke is an architect, lecturer and writer. He is the author, with Anna Mill, of Square Eyes, a graphic novel about robotic cities, augmented reality and digital memory. Luke’s research focusses on strategies and histories of design process, materiality, media and science fiction. He is co-host of a podcast About Buildings + Cities, exploring architectural history, theory, and culture, from the distant past to the present day. He teaches architectural design at the Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design in London.

I am creating a series of speculative responses or scenarios based on research into the engineered timber and plywood industries. In their own way, they are already highly science-fictional; huge, robotised, and self-consciously embedded in a sense of temporality. My interest is in how material processes and flows respond to ongoing digital, environmental, and social transformations; and in how the dilemmas of decarbonisation might be explored. The future potentially looks very different depending on the scale, technology and composition of our material infrastructures. I hope that the work and conversations around it can illuminate these choices.