Lotte Juul Petersen

Lotte Juul Petersen is a curator member of the ‘Nordic Baltic Curatorial Platform’, arranged by FRAME. Art historian, curator and writer based in Copenhagen.

She earned her Ma in art history, cultural studies and visual culture from University of Copenhagen and University of Leeds with the MA Thesis: Humorous Agency! An Investigation of a Political Performativity in Contemporary Art, 2006 and BA thesis: Feminism and American video art, 2003. One-year diploma at École de Beaux Arts in art practice and art history, Montpellier, France,1999-2000.

Currently Lotte is working as curator with various independent projects and with the exhibitions program and the Residency program CPH AIR at the Factory of Art and Design in Copenhagen. For example curator of ‘Urban Pedestals’ and since 2005 Co-Curator with Jacob Fabricius on CPH Kunsthal, for example ‘700 % PLUS CPH KUNSTHAL_Centenniale’.

Lotte Juul Petersen is the Co-curator of ‘Using and Trading Bodies’, 2007, Overgaden institute of contemporary art, Copenhagen. Presently working as well as co-editor with curators Sanne Kofod Olsen and Malene Ratcliffe of an anthology on curating to be published in 2008 and other exhibition projects in the future. And previously curator of the exhibitions ‘Travelling Stories’, 2005 and co-curator of ‘Crossing Now!’ 2005 plus DVD compilation of younger video artists, Copenhagen. Further, curator assistant at Malmö Konsthall, Arken Museum for Modern Art and Kirkhoff Contemporary Art. Additionally with artist Tamar Quimaraes initiator of the Populism Talk Series ( in relation to Nifca’s curated project ‘Populism’. Since 2005 board member of UKK (Young Artist and Curators).

Recently she has been in residency at Platform Garanti, Istanbul. Has written and published nationally and internationally for catalogues and art