Loren Kronemyer

Loren Kronemyer is an artist and co-founder of Pony Express, working across platforms of media art, live art, and anti-disciplinary research. Her work reflects themes of environment, apocalypse, and the future, often in tandem with scientific research. She toured Australia and Europe extensively, including the gallery show Preppers and the collaborative project Ecosexual Bathhouse, a labyrinth that plunges participants into the world of environmental eroticism. Kronemyer has been artist in residence for The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, The Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies, The Centre for Sleep Science, the Centre for Integrative Bee Research, among others.

At HIAP, I will be working on a project that attempts to interfere with the naming of our current geological epoch. An epoch is a large-scale period of geological time; our present epoch is in the midst of a contentious naming debate. I interested in seeing how we can rewrite, reperform, or redefine how epochs are named in the midst of the current global conversation. I will be researching this project through my immersive practice, which includes scientific and social research, tool-design, and other forms of world-building.

The residency is realised with the support of The Australia Council for the Arts.