Linda and Aura

Linda and Aura (Linda Granfors and Aura Hakuri), are a performance duo, friends and artists who have been working together since 2001. They are also painters and share the language of painting, which is visible in their performances.

In their work Linda and Aura have dealt with different kind of roles, stages of life and archetypes. The way they approach themes is not straightforward or underlining but rather descriptive, suggestive or interrogative. The feeling of play is strongly present. Play as an attitude and state of mind. Substantial in their work is also the mutual trust between them as performers.

During our stay at the HIAP Residency we will work on a performance and art project called Fredrika mise en lien. The project is about the 19th century writer Fredrika Runeberg and our attempt to get closer to her world and to see what emerges in the crossroads between us and her.