Lilli-Krõõt Repnau

In my artistic practice, I enjoy combining comics and texts with different visual materials. Last January, 2017, I made a small comic book “Making OFF”. This is a story of how I started to play the musical instrument “ukulele” and how I want to continue developing my work as a songwriter. Making OFF was a tiny handmade book made especially for a comic exhibition. I would like to make it longer, try to use different materials and also published it. Maybe also collect and use stories from others. This November, 2017, I will have a solo exhibition in an artist-run space called “Kraam” in Tallinn. The exhibition is called “Freedom of Voice” and it is exploring stage fright. In general it is about how to find your inner voice. This topic is very personal for me and I would like to discuss these issues in my comic book, which will on display in the exhibition.

It’s hard not to be inspired by the Suomenlinna atmosphere. I am drawing my autobiographical novel and preparing my next solo exhibition at the Kraam project room in Tallinn. I let myself read some books and I take some walks… So gratefull being part of the HIAP community. – Lilli-Krõõt Repnau
The residency is realised in collaboration with The Finnish Comics Society.