Liina Nilsson

Liina Nilsson’s (b.1982) artistic practice comprises working as a live vj (NYX; Gothenburg and Berlin) as well as collaborating on video installations (YATF, THE MEN). Its content and form are very organic. She primarily uses her own body and immediate surroundings as subject matter, wishing her work to reflect the complexity and intertwined nature of the world and relationships she sees around her. She is interested in the fragility of human action and interaction and all things visceral, especially the body; a thin shell of flesh covering our bones and a very vulnerable physical place that we are literally confined to. She cuts up, manipulates and distorts the resulting video clips, creating simple animations, which are contorted further with different kinds of morph-programmes. It is this possibility of cutting up, repositioning and layering of a narrative that specifically interests her about the medium of video in general. Her films have a very visceral and “home-made” feel to them, which adds to their appeal in a world often dictated by slick computer graphics. However, Nilsson’s work is far from simple; on the contrary, the repeated processing and layering results in an incredibly rich and complex mix of imagery. This stems from her desire to mix everything down to a “primordial goo”. In her own words, life is “still as disordered as it ever was. That´s the beauty of it”.

Norah Nelson

Nilsson not only creates video material and pushes the software in new directions, she is currently also planning the construction of actual objects with which to control these in innovative ways. She is interested in escaping the confines of the laptop with the intention of creating a more intuitive, performance-orientated and physical style of vj-ing. During her residency at HIAP she was designing a “live” tactile tool for this purpose, which would be directly connected to the real time handling of the video material. Her ultimate aim is to adapt the tool so that art audiences will have a chance to personally interact with the work and take on the role of the VJ/performer.