Liene Pavlovska

Liene Pavlovska (1987, LV) is an artist and a scenographer. Her practice focuses on the responsibility of individual actions and the accountability of a collective body. She is interested in the role of the spectator and actor and the blurred boundaries between both; as well as the relations between an individual and society. Pavlovska is researching and using theatrical modes of expression and the experience of catharsis in the context of visual art. She received her Master’s degree in Scenography from the Art Academy of Latvia, and from the Sandberg Institute, Studio for Immediate Spaces in Amsterdam.

During the residency, I am interested to look into the process of planning and to explore intangible concepts, materialized in the shape of drawings, scale models and situations. The main objective is a process of making and rethinking, taking time to focus on a phase in between the idea and the show, where the transition to the scale 1:1 is not the aim.

As a starting point for the research, I am focusing on looking into political sleepiness, and impotent actions and simultaneously within the opposite – what conditions and reasons make me and one to wake up and to act.

Liene Pavlovska’s residency is realised with support from the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture by Nordic Culture Point.