Laura Cemin

Laura Cemin is a Helsinki-based Italian artist active in the fields of visual and performing arts: although her work always originates from a performative action, it can appear in multiple media and forms, such as live performances, text, photographs, and installations with objects.
Her practice focuses on understanding movement in relation to language, on searching the poetics in our everyday actions, on repetition, humor and absurdity. She has received a Masters in Fine Arts (2019) from Umeå Art Academy and holds a degree in Ballet and Contemporary dance (2011).

While in residency, I will extend my ongoing artistic research on the intersection between language and movement by orienting my practice towards larger-scale and collaborative projects. In the spring, I will work on a group performance titled “What led us here” in collaboration with Oslo-based artist Bianca Hisse. In the autumn, I will develop an exhibition work and a group performance under the title “R as in fill the blank”, which explore slipperiness of language, misunderstandings, and gaps in translation. The works will be presented in Galleri Verkligheten in Umeå (SE) in November.

Laura Cemin’s residency is part of the HIAP Residency Programme for Finnish and Finland-based artists and art professionals.