Lāsma Goba

Lāsma is a researcher and project manager who has worked with all kinds of art and culture projects in the past 8 years. Her academic focus in her current research is on the first artist generation born in the Baltics after the collapse of Soviet Union, aiming to learn more about the characteristics of this generation’s interest field and aesthetics. Working with a concept of a ‘transition period’ which is applied to the 1990s in post-socialist countries, her goal is to inquire whether it is possible to spot the process of transition within the art practices of those who actually have been raised up during the period of transition.

Lāsma studies Social and Cultural Anthropology in University of Latvia and partly works with different art projects as a researcher, project manager or producer, but her daily occupation is working in the field of public relations.

The time I will spend in the residency I will work on the theoretical perspective of my ongoing research, while also I will be doing the planning of long-term visual art project “NINETY ABOUT 90s” which is an extension of my current thesis. This project is a socio-anthropological research on Baltic artists, which includes interviewing 90 participants from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in order to find out how the unexperienced Soviet times and their childhood memories of fresh arrival of capitalism echo in their art practices, as well as creating a long-term group exhibition with the participation of interviewed artists.