Laith McGregor

My multidisciplinary approach involves an ongoing inquiry into contemporary portraiture, semiotics of the guise, notions of the self & the complexities of what it means to be human, often highlighting the grey area that exists between fiction/non-fiction & the subconscious. I am continuously aiming to broaden my knowledge & thought, through extensions of my visual language.

During my time spent at HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme I will examine conceptual relationships between fiction & non-fiction through the act of drawing, while in dialogue with alternate art histories & contemporary practices from various European cultures & art scenes. I aim to explore ideas of escapism and alternate realities where subject matter shifts between truthful & fictitious realms & into a grey area. It’s this domain I aim to immerse myself in & bring to life, by investigating drawing traditions, social praxis, experimental/intuitive mark-making & the semiotics of metaphor through practical research & development. – Laith McGregor