Kviss búmm Bang

Eva Björk Kaaber, Eva Rún Snorradóttir and Vilborg Ólafsdóttir have been working together as Kviss Búmm Bang – Extended Life Performance Group since 2009. Eva Björk holds an MA in Performance Making from Goldsmith University in London, Eva Rún and Vilborg are graduates from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, the programme of Theory & Practice within the department of Theatre and Dance. In addition they have a background in fine arts and social sciences.

Their first project, The Norm Olympics premiered at ArtFart, an independent performance festival in Reykjavik in August 2009 and was picked up by LÓKAL-international theatre festival in Iceland that year. They continued to make extended life performances in Reykjavík and it’s surroundings, for example the six-week course Get a Life! and the 24 hour piece Hotel Keflavík. They have also held lectures, workshops and experimented with radio-theater, expanding and exploding the medium, in the National Radio of Iceland.

Kviss búmm bang has performed at several festivals in Europe including Wiener Festwochen, Baltic Circle and Mladi Levi and was a participant in the Global City – Local City project of the festival network Theater/Festivals in Transition (FIT). The project the group will be working on during the HIAP residency is GALA – a celebration of minorities that will be shown in Baltic Circle on the 14 November 2013.