Kolbeinn Karlsson

Graduated from Serieskolan in Malmö 2006. Published fanzines, and later The Troll King, in Sweden, America and Finland. Published in Galago, Bang, Strapazin, Kuš!, Le monde diplomatique. Made 2 short animated short films in 2008 and 2010. First performance art piece and solo show “trollkungen & flogsta” in 2010. Awarded artistic development grant from Uppsala Kommun in 2013, a grant from the författarfonden (swedish authors fund) as well as an honorary mention for film work. Exhibited the fanzine and instagram project “32 män i vila” in 2016, and “Badhusdagbok” on billboards in the stockholm subway. Lives and works in Uppsala.

The residency is realised in collaboration with The Finnish Comics Society.