Kolbeinn Hugi

Artist statement
I like to think of the future. There are many kinds of futures. A personal one and a universal one.

My thoughts about the universal terran future have lately revolved about geopolitical issues surrounding robotics and automation in the time to come. I feel these are some of the biggest issues humanity will come to face in the near future that are not being addressed by government, basic education or media. I believe art can make an inviting platform for de-alienating this reality, as society at large still considers these issues science-fiction.

The Dutch architect Thomas Rau has voiced ideas about giving raw materials universal rights, similar to human rights, in an effort to push against material disposability. I think these ideas are extremely valuable as we will deplete Earth’s raw materials on an even bigger scale with increased automation and population.

At the HIAP residency I will be working on pieces based around the theme of “water” for an exhibition in ForumBox in early summer.