Khaled Kaddal

Khaled Kaddal is an interdisciplinary artist, raised in Egypt and resident in London. His artistic practice engages with sound, visual, sculpture and computational media for installations and performances.

His works have been exhibited and performed at Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst, Copenhagen; Science Gallery, London; Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah; at Mosaic Rooms Gallery, London; Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo; Cairotronica Symposium, Cairo; Zentrum der Künste Hellerau, Dresden; and Dilston Grove Gallery, London; 5th Biennale Internationale de Casablanca, Morocco.

He obtained his Master in Sound Art Practices in the University of the Arts London (UAL), and his Bachelor in Computer Science in Arab Academy for Science and Technology (AAST). Currently, he is a resident fellow at HIAP, Uniarts Helsinki, Finland.

During my residency at HIAP, I will research the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), a class of machine learning frameworks designed by Ian Goodfellow in 2014.

In a nutshell, these frameworks are responsible of launching the field of Artificial Intelligence into a new level of visual and sonic innovations. Deep Learning requires a lot of labeled data for procedural classification. However, through reinforcement learning algorithms, GAN proposes unsupervised learning algorithms which don’t need labeled data but a lot of experiences just as human beings.

This technology is a leap for both visual and sonic creativity, and I am interested in experimenting my will as an artist using these unsupervised algorithms as a tool for artworks production.

Khaled Kaddal is an International Resident Fellow at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. The residency is part of The Academy of Fine Arts’ International Openings Programme funded by the Saastamoinen Foundation in collaboration with HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme.