Khaled Jarrar

Khaled Jarrar (b.1976) works with photography, video, and performance to interrogate the problematic situation in his native country, particularly the question of recognition of the State of Palestine and the militaristic discourse around this. He uses his artistic practice as a means of thinking about questions of conflict, nationhood, home and belonging. The notion of state authority is a recurring concern: his project Live and Work in Palestine (2011-ongoing) saw the artist design a seemingly official Palestinian passport stamp which was then offered to tourists arriving in Palestine. Jarrar has also shown resistance to what he considers an act of oppression through his series of cement soccer balls, formed from material cut from the Israeli-built barrier separating the West Bank from Israel. In addition, Jarrar is an award-winning filmmaker whose recent documentary, The Infiltrators (2012), won several accolades at the 9th Dubai International Film Festival.