Katie Goodwin

Katie Goodwin (b. 1979) is a London-based British-Australian artist working mainly in moving image. A graduate of London’s Goldsmiths and Wimbledon Colleges of Art, she has exhibited in Tate Modern, ICA, Barbican (London), Site Gallery, Sheffield, T-A-P, Southend, and further afield at CAST Hobart, MADA Gallery, Melbourne, WRO Biennial, Wroclaw and National Museum, Port of Spain. Prominent exhibitions include New Contemporaries (2011) and 971 Horses & 4 Zebras. Her first solo show at ArtLacuna, London (2013), screened the Welcome Trust funded film 3D surround-sound Small Wonders which followed a microbiologist’s lifetime work.

Previous residencies include Pixel Palace at Newcastle Upon Tyne’s Tyneside Cinema (2012). Whilst in residence at HIAP in Suomenlinna, Goodwin will be shooting a 16mm film, Kaamos, about burgeoning light pollution and our fear of darkness. The artist will dwell in darkness and only shoot at night and head up to the arctic circle during the winter solstice. Katie has a background working in visual effects on feature films including several Harry Potters. This very much informs her practice, blending old and new technologies of cinema, attempting to reveal hidden labour and otherwise lost gems that would otherwise have been considered waste.

Considering herself a closet environmentalist, Kaamos will be Goodwin’s most overtly environmental to date. Collaboration and conversation is becoming a part of her methodology including in her recent Arts Council England funded film Lightness (the sister test project for Kaamos) where the astronomers from the local Greenwich Observatory helped provide a philosophical insight into the lost city skies.

Katie Goodwin’s residency is supported by the Australian Council for the Arts and the British Council’s International Development Fund.