Karoliina Hellberg

Karoliina Hellberg is a visual artist working mainly with painting and drawing, in addition to materials as glass, textiles and ceramics. Her work is usually showed in an installation format that combines paintings with objects. Real and imaginary spaces, memories and autobiographical elements, are part of Karoliina’s visual idiom. Her last exhibition was a solo show at CHART art fair in Copenhagen titled “Clouds.” Karoliina graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2015.

I will be working 12 months in Suomenlinna and making a new body of work, which will be partly exhibited in Spring 2019 at Galerie Anhava, Helsinki. I will work with painting, drawing, and textile. —Karoliina

The one-year residency and studio space for Karoliina Hellberg was granted by The Academy of Fine Arts Foundation in collaboration with HIAP.