Karin von Schantz

I am Karin von Schantz from Copenhagen, Denmark. I am educated from The Danish School of Design and work as an artist and cross disciplinary designer. I have among other things exhibited visual poetry, textile projects and in the autumn 2015 I had a weekly satiric ask-agony-aunt in the Danish newspaper Politiken combining text and photos of crazy DIY objects. I am into challenging genres, which also reflects in my practice where I often work in a cross-field between object/textile/printed media/picture/humour/text. Genre is often understood as a given thing and in my practice I like to explore questioning given things.

During my residency I will focus on working on a comic strip, a visual poetry project with the worktitle The Secret Nocturnal Life of Punctual Dots plus sketching for a textile project. And also go bananas doing a whole lot of researching, fx seeking inspiration diving deep into some of the amazing women from Finland such as Tove Jansson and Edith Sodergran.

PS I got a few fetishes at the moment and they are – inbetweens, tricksters, women from the 1920’ies, anarchistic elements, Vuokko and Marimekko, what the heightened speed in society is doing to us, “anti-excelification” and the half-secret tugged away ideas almost every person has.