Karel Koplimets

Karel Koplimets (b. 1986) lives and works in Tallinn and has MA degree in Photography (Estonian Academy of Arts, 2013). He is a member of the artist collective Visible Solutions LLC (together with Sigrid Viir and Taaniel Raudsepp) and he has participated in various exhibitions in Estonia and abroad. To mention some of the latest: reGeneration³ in Lausanne, Switzerland (2015), Society Acts – The Moderna Exhibition in Malmö, Sweden (2014), Rauma Biennale Balticum in Rauma, Finland (2014) and Köler Prize 2014 exhibition of nominees in Tallinn, Estonia.

Koplimets works mainly with narrative installations and deals with topics such as criminality, crimes and mechanisms of fear and paranoias. He is interested in urban legends, uncanny murder cases, rumors and conspiracy theories, how they affect us and how we come to believe in them. His latest works can also be described by words like investigation and case study, which are the methods he has used to build narratives.

During his residency in HIAP, Koplimets is working on a new project that deals with the topic of Estonian workers in Finland. He focuses on lower lower middle class workers, mainly construction workers. According to statistics, there are around 60000 short-term Estonian migrants working in Finland at the moment.