Juhyun Choi

Juhyun Choi was born in 1978 in South Korea. She has lived in France and is today living in Belgium.

Choi’s work lies at the frontier between narration and visual expression which translates into comics, engravings and shadow theatre. She published ‘Under the Wolf’s Skin’, ‘Halme’ and ‘Ressac’ as comic books and several of her short stories appeared in political magazines like Le Monde Diplomatique, Maniere de Voir and Internazionale.

Juhyun Choi was in residency in Villa Marguerite Yourcenar and in Maison Des Auteurs in Angouleme to work on her upcoming comic book ‘Verger’ inspired by her youth in South Korea. She also makes experimental performances of shadow theatre.

During her residency at HIAP, she intends to create a graphic novel and wood engravings inspired by people’s dreams and local traditional stories.
The residency is realised in collaboration with The Finnish Comics Society.