Jueon Woo

Jueon Woo (b.1994 in Seoul) is a Paris-based multidisciplinary artist who received her DNSEP from the École nationale supérieure d’art Villa Arson de Nice in 2019. Her works are based on imaginative explorations and poetic language that embrace those marginalized by fictional norms. Focusing on visualizing the mechanism of power embedded in everyday life, her works deconstructs the patriarchal ideologies in language and in images. The artist engages in diverse media experiments such as video, documentary, performance, web, installation, and drawing. Recent exhibitions include Murmuring Body(2022), Language-game(2022), The Names of Those Who Named You(2023), Misunderstood·Mistranslated·Misread Poem(2023).

I plan to create videos based on texts written in my poetic language. Expressing myself through poetic language is important in my practices, because I believe it has a power to name those marginalized and invisible things and people. I will write down my daily life in the new environment and new encounters and mix it with my filmed videos to let metaphoric spaces happen. This approach is an extension of my artistic context using text and image, following the principles of feminist historiography that emphasize the need for a microhistorical perspective to record the history of women and minorities.