Joonas Siren

Joonas Siren (b. 1983) is a Helsinki born and based sound and visual artist. He graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts as a MFA in 2013 from the Time & Space Department. He has also graduated from the joint study program Nordic Sound Art, organised by five different Nordic art academies.

Siren’s artistic works deal with myriad of different subjects. Often he is interested in how is it possible to use sound in a meaningful way, concentrating on the different layers of meaning that sound can possess. He believes the many sound art works are too phenomenological, focusing on the inherent formal qualities of sound, excluding the outside world from them. Siren tries to do the opposite.

During his one year long residency Siren plans to work with different sound art projects and also other visual art projects. At the moment he is mostly interested in the current territory of virtuality; the different ways the online world affects us all. Other sound projects include one focusing on the concept of electricity connected to the ecological turmoil that is bound to happen, using short distance radio transmitters as a sound source.

The residency and studio space for Joonas Siren was granted by the Friends of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts organisation in collaboration with Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP).