Jonas Ekeberg

Jonas Ekeberg (b. 1967) is a critic and a curator based in Oslo. Ekeberg is currently researching the rise and fall of the Nordic art scene 1990–2010.

Jonas Ekeberg is the editor of the Nordic online journal Kunstkritikk. Trained as an artist, he has been active as a curator and critic since the early nineties. Ekeberg has been a critic for NRK, Dagbladet and the Norwegian Business Daily and has been the editor of Hyperfoto, Siksi and Billedkunst. He was the chief curator of Momentum in 2000, founding director of Oslo Kunsthall the same year and a curator at the Office for Contemporary Art Norway from 2002–2004. From 2004 to 2009 Ekeberg served as the director of Preus Museum, Norway’s national museum for photography. His exhibtions for Preus museum include Photography’s Expanded Field, Skate Culture, Technology & Aesthetics, 80 million pictures – Norwegian vernacular photography 1855–2005 and Lessons in the Art of Falling – Photographs of Norwegian Performance and Process Art 1966–2009.