Jihae Choi

Jihae Choi is a Seoul based independent curator and researcher.

She crosses over the art field and theory, and is interested in the real story of the people. To expand the meaning of curating, she has explored various forms of curatorial practice such as exhibition, education, research, and workshop. She has also been interested in various structural problems in the society, and has worked to search for solutions through exhibitions and research. Her practice begins from acknowledging her personal experiences and is expanded through exploring social issues through a feminist lens. Also, she is studying art-related issues such as art funding system.

Jihae Choi has a M.A. in Art Theory from Korea National University of Arts and the title of the thesis is “A study on mutual relationship of contemporary sound art with space.”

The art studio is very important and meaningful to me. Once I see the studio of the artist, I can imagine the artist’s past, present and even the future of the artworks. In this regard, I would like to know more about art scene and system in Finland. Therefore, this residency program in HIAP will give me a chance to interact with Finnish artists and learn about Finnish art.

I hope that HIAP will be a valuable milestone for me as I have thought that it would be great to have the chance and experience for being inspired as a curator. I am looking forward to having the new perspective from where I was before.

Jihae Choi’s residency is arranged by HIAP in collaboration with ARKO Arts Council Korea.