Jérémy Gaudibert

Jérémy works within a plurality of fields, from product and graphic design to a dance practice that embraces both own work and teaching. Originally from France, he settled in Helsinki at the end of 2017. The constant friction between his different interests sparks a drive for research-oriented projects and the desire to seek connections above definitions.
From questioning the use of material and labor in production processes to developing stimulating and engaging images and devices, he is working toward a joyfully provoking appreciation of the verb designing.

During this residency I intend to open up the narratives of coffee consumption.

I was motivated by the large appreciation of coffee in Finland (the world’s biggest coffee drinker, according to a 2017 report by ICO*) and the vast sensuality of the material and its related objects, gestures and rituals. The simple questions of what is consumed and how is it done, will lead to the acquisition of knowledge on broader issues such as waste (creating, managing,…), capitalism (consumption, availability, globalized and local markets), daily rituals of magic, otherness and exoticism. Helped by both artistic and scientific expertise, I intend to brew new means and meaning in fine to enrich our daily coffee experience.

*International Coffee Organization