Yunghun Kang (Jeram)

His name, Jeram means a person from Jeju as he identifies himself as a survivor of a massacre that occurred in his native Jeju island over 70 years ago. On a killing field, a bullet toward his grandmother went astray and she survived. She gave birth to Jeram’s mother after her traumatic experience and could not speak out her voice properly because of her fear. ‘Small voice with a big impact’ became the theme for his following projects: Amran’s Bus (2019~), for refugees; You/We Come in I/We Come Out (2018~) for sexual minorities; and From Room 19 (2022~) for women.

Women endure an added layer of marginalization within the manifold layers of societal minority groups. This epiphany led Jeram to discern those seeking refuge away from the quotidian, under the tag of ‘women,’ share a nuanced commonality. He yearns to distill the collective consciousness around the concept of “safety.” In 2022, Jeram created a residential exhibition in Jeju as a “safe space” for women. For a day and night, visitors were invited to experience the artworks in the privacy and solitude of their lodging. This artistic quest is set to migrate — first to Ganghwa in 2023, and subsequently to Suomenlinna.

Jeram’s residency is arranged by HIAP in collaboration with ARKO Arts Council Korea.