Jassem Hindi

Jassem Hindi (b. 1981) works in performance as well as in sound – with a practice steeped in experimental music and political art. Primarily focusing on the tension between the immediacy of time based art and the long term scale of political/environmental violence. Hindi wants to produce political poems generated by nervousness and necessity; he uses a hybrid writing technique made out of broken object, broken sound, broken body practices.

Hindi steals tactics coming from queer culture, hospitality and hosting rituals, experimental music and various philosophy treatises; all in resonance with the Beckettian Cascando triad: “of knowing, not knowing, pretending”.

His collaborative work has been presented internationally and has been awarded numerous times (i.e. Artforum, 100° Berlin, Danish Arts Foundation, Fringe Festival). Hindi’s recent partners include Ruairi Donovan, Keith Hennessy, Mia Habib, Ida Larsen, Marie-Louise Stenbjerg and Rani Nair.