Jaana Kokko

Jaana Kokko is an artist and filmmaker based in Helsinki, having her background in arts and economics. Being interested in the language, alienation and history of an individual that are forming the political and social dynamics she is in the search of the common; the global need for the change that is starting from our practices of learning, art making and being together.

Her works has been exhibited f.ex. at Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga; Tallinn Art Hall; Helsinki Art Hall; Moderna Museet, Stockholm; Joensuu Art Museum, Finland; Bukarest International Experimental Film Festival; Tampere Film Festival; Tokyo Media Art Festival.

I am curious to see what it is to do an artist residency in your home town, to experience a scent of the possible artistic freedom that often is related to the ‘other environment’.

I will be working at the HIAP on what I feel more confident at, developing film productions in progress. One of them is titled Rauha and it is a feminist reading of the Finnish winter war in 1940.

For the practice where I feel I am on a learning phase I have prepared a portable luggage containing a sewing machine and woodcut printing equipment.