Ivana Momčilović

Ivana Momčilović is a dramaturge, poet, text researcher, translator and editor based in Brussels. Her work is focused in exploring the relationship between fiction and ideology, researching relations between (aesthetic) education, art, politics and collective intelligence. Her work is also focused on the displacement of philosophy and art in various spheres of everyday life. Among other collectives, she co-founded the “Cultural Committee for 13 charged workers of the steel factory Clabecq and Renault factory -Belgium”; the Cultural Committee for the Movement of Undocumented Immigrants, Belgium, and worked on the foundation of the “Universal Embassy” project, which consisted on the occupation of the former Somalian Embassy in Brussels by the undocumented immigrants and other citizens. Ivana is one of the founders of Ei-migrative Art Collective, which reclaims the impossible gathering of ex-Yugoslav citizens during the wartime as an artwork. She also created ‘Edicija Jugoslavija’ (2009), samizdat (self-financed) publishing initiative focused on the theory and poetics of emancipation and equality, publishing the work of contemporary theoreticians, philosophers, and Yugoslav surrealists. From 2007 she initiated a Ph.D. in One Night as a collective practice that researches the role of art, artists, and aesthetic education —for all— in the transformation of society towards equality and emancipation.

In Helsinki, during my residency, I would like to continue work on “Indisciplinary symphony”, the collective creation inspired by texts on Indisciplinarity by the philosopher Jacques Rancière, claiming that indiscipline abolishes boundaries and separations between knowledge, precisely “between those who know and those who don’t know, those who think and those who don’t think”.—Ivana