Iohanna Nicenboim 

Iohanna Nicenboim (MA – UDK Berlin) is a designer and researcher, focussed on developing qualitative interactions with new technologies. Her practice has developed in different scales and formats – including food, curation and speculative design. Currently she works as a researcher at the Rethinking Prototyping project, as well as a teacher at Node Center for Curatorial Studies.

During her residency at HIAP, Nicenboim will focus on developing tools for addressing the Internet of Things (IoT) in a critical way. Based on her MA project ‘Objects of Research’, she will create new work around the question: Who is the object in the Internet of Things?, speculating (and prototyping) on new relationships between humans and everyday objects in private and public spaces.

The residency is realised in context of Helsinki Design Residency programme in collaboration with UdK Berlin.