Ilari Laamanen

With a background in media studies, independent curator Ilari Laamanen contemplates on the myriad modes of communication in hyperconnected culture. His exhibitions Trance (the main exhibition of the 7th Tallinn Photomonth Contemporary Art Biennial) at Tallinn Art Hall’s Lasnamäe Pavilion, in Tallinn, Estonia in 2023 and Liminoid (organized as part of the FOTO WIEN festival) at das weisse haus in Vienna, Austria in 2023 can be situated in the expanded field of photography. After a decade in New York City, he is currently based in Helsinki.

Oversaturation of information technology makes me want to retreat and rekindle my senses. I’m fascinated by the physical and psychological aspects of sound and light art. I’m inspired by high intensity communal experiences like clubbing but will also research spiritual aspects of sound and light. Part of my creative inquiry on the Suomenlinna island will be to encounter the flipside of sound and light: to immerse myself into silence and darkness.