Howard Lotker

Howard Lotker is founding Artistic Director of HoME (theater), an international experimental theater company based in Prague, CZ, creating site-specific, participatory, public space, research, and other kinds of devised performances – this award winning company has performed, lectured, and given workshops on three continents. Lotker is also Head of Performance at Art of Place – Theater Creation in Non-Traditional Spaces (UMM-DTNP) at the Theater Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU), and Coordinator for the English Language Authorial Acting Master’s Program at the Department of Authorial Creation and Pedagogy (KATAP) DAMU, where he also leads regular courses in (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner(IwIP), Authorial Acting, and Speech.

KoToNA / DoMA / at HoME is an award-winning site-specific performance project that takes place in a different home each time and always reflects the space, themes, neighborhood and pasts of its inhabitants – who also participate in the performance. It is an archaeological, anthropological, intelligent and playful look at urban life. This summer the creators of the project, HoME Theater from Prague, are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the performance (and of the company) at URB festival.

HoME theater is a Prague-based group of international and local artists exploring theater and performance – creating site-specific, participatory, public space, research, and other kinds of devised performances. The group are exploring what kinds of artistic and personal transformations can be achieved through performance by creating confusions about and collisions between private and public space, art and life, hardheadedness and compromise. The performance takes place in a private home in central Helsinki. The performance will begin at a meeting point near the apartment, but its location won’t be revealed until right before the performance.
Travel supported by Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Other support: MOTUS at Alfred ve dvore, Prague; Prague City Council; New Web / Nova sit.

In collaboration with Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP).

HoME Theater (this time) is: Krista Arppo, Jenni Koistinen, Howard Lotker, Sodja Lotker, Cristina Maldonado, Virpi Nieminen, Johanna Puuperä, Pauliina Sjöberg.
Production assistant: Evelina Villonen.