Henrik Eriksson

I´ve been working as an artist in Stockholm since the end of my studies at Royal University College of Fine Arts 2003. My artistic practice during this time has been broad; I founded and worked with the artist run gallery ak28 together with some colleagues 2003 – 2008, I´m currently collaborating with Nordin Gallery and also show my work in artist-run as well as institutional environments. (E.g. solo show at galleri Bastard 2007 and group show A Good Idea / Tomorrow Always Belongs to Us at Göteborgs konsthall 2008.)

I´m not fond of artist statements since I think I as an artist have a duty to stay alert to variations in intuition, lust and interpretations of my own work as well as my surroundings. Moreover every attempt seems to get ridiculously general. Visiual arts is a broad field of knowledge production and my intrest is not only to gather empirical data from various practical as well as theoretical crafts, but to layer contradicting elements in combinations with personal or private stories.

Multi-layering of spaces, social and physical, has lately been an important method and my aim in presenting the sometimes contradictory and chaotic results is not to create confusion but to offer a space for the viewer to enter, not to recieve my story but to be enabled to create her own.

All my works with photography this far has been crossbreeds with other techniques. Close-ups of a lost sculpture, b/w photographies layered with hand-drawn copies, photographes with moving light phenomena leeking through, slide projections with other than photographic objects etc. I suppose this could be seen as my way to give appropriate attention to the languages of materials and crafts that is one corner stone in my production, and a multi-layering which is another, but there is also a private interest; I´ve felt I´ve never understood what a photograph is as an object in one sense.

Photographic techniques are anyway convinient tools for many things and one idea for a project in Helsinki is a long distance collaboration depending on written text and photos as meens to communicate subtle material and spatial concerns in the process of building a sculpture with a colleague of mine as author and me as technician. This is something i can work with parallel to the work i proposed earlier: to continue my work with Norrlandskusten 21/12/2007. I do prefer working with several things at the same time.