HeHe – Helen Evans & Heiko Hansen

HeHe is a Paris based art and design partnership set up in 1999 by Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen. Using a language based on light, sound and image, their practice explores the relationship between the individual and their architectural and urban environment. Their propositions are utopian, often posing as products ready for consumption, but are also real, functioning temporarily at the moment of operation.

During their residency at HIAP they are working on Nuage Vert – which proposes to use the chimney emissions of a power plant as a canvas for information flow. The intervention consists of tracking and projecting a laser image onto the contour of vapour, adjusting its shape and size to signal real-time information.

Nuage Vert will be presented within the context of Pixelache festival and monthly events during February 2008.

Helen Evans´s and Heiko Hansen´s residency is organised in collaboration with Pixelache festival.