Halit Eke

Writer and director Halit Eke was born in Batman and is currently based in Turkey and France. He has studied at the İstanbul Marmara University and Lodz Film School. After his studies he worked at Babil Documentary Cinema Association as an assistant, camera-person, assistant director and scriptwriter. He is has wrote and directed short films, video art and feature films. His first feature length film was shot in Paris and is currently in post-production. He is studying cinema in Paris.

Halit Eke is currently a PM MOBILE Resident at HIAP, curated by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) and co-organised by PM with HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme.

At my HIAP residency I am working on three different cinema projects: The post-production process of my feature film, a screenplay for a short film project in Turuel, Spain, about Luis Buñuel. I am also writing the draft for my second feature film.—Halit