Flis Holland

Flis Holland (FI/UK) uses sci-fi to open up crisis, to find room for manoeuvre where things seem to be stuck. They work with live performance, video, and spoken word, and often use mobile apps to stage and share their productions. In 2022 they are supported by Koneen säätiö.

At HIAP I’ll be working on a sequel to my 2021 video “Subserotic Bulge”. Mid-pandemic a large and fast-growing tumour mass appeared in my trans nonbinary uterus. I linked its discovery to the fact that I’d recently eaten a meteorite; the iron fragments interfered with my MRI scans, causing signal loss. Medical staff were unable to see or diagnose my atypical womb. Now at HIAP I’ll probe this signal loss and my riotously reproductive uterine cells.

Flis Holland’s residency is part of the HIAP Residency Programme for Finnish and Finland-based artists and art professionals.