Flis Holland

Flis Holland (FI/UK) follows the collisions of trans and celestial bodies. Their solo exhibition “Off-Colour” was held at Helsinki Art Museum in 2023. Recent group shows include Pitted Dates, Pori Biennale and Bemis Center (US), and screenings at Rakkautta & Anarkiaa, Uppsala (SE), Kasseler Dokfest (DE) and BAFICI (AR). In 2023 they are supported by Taiteen edistämiskeskus.

Mid-pandemic a large and fast-growing tumour mass appeared in my trans uterus. I link its discovery to the fact that I’d recently eaten a meteorite. Its iron fragments interfered with my MRI scans; the doctors were unable to see or diagnose my atypical womb. At HIAP I’ll probe this signal loss and my riotously reproductive cells. This will lead to a solo exhibition at Helsinki Art Museum in summer 2023, plus trials of new related works.

Flis Holland’s residency is part of the HIAP Residency Programme for Finnish and Finland-based artists and art professionals.