Federico Del Vecchio

Federico Del Vecchio (b. 1977, Napoli)

My work aims to reflect on the notion of objecthood within contemporary practice. The specific conditions in which objects are modified, positioned, assembled and displayed are central to the process of my production. I am intrigued by the particularities of the transformations and shifts that bring about and express the fine balance between polar opposites: monumental and un-monumental; stable and unstable; permanent and ephemeral; value and lack of value. The final object in my work neither expresses or denies the two poles and simply aims to hover in the moments in between.

This interest is translated into the formal process of my work, where the typology of sculpture making becomes the main focus. Recuperating aspects of existing objects, imposing various interventions specific to the context that allows it to express these polarities. There is also an indirect humor that resonates in the work, not intentionally placed but a result of my own personal reflection on the object.