Fatmir Mustafa

My work seeks to penetrate into the social and political paradoxes that occur within my locality. Finding and morphing into any medium that complies momentarily with the situations or topics best suiting my work ethic. Often I find myself possessing an impulsive expression that reflects and relates toward social or institutional hypocrisy, which affects my integrity as an individual and artist. My initial instinct is to loudly respond towards situations revealing and unearthing imposed rigid conditioning. Forever questioning and confronting, frequently challenging what is considered as the most obvious. Always channelling a firm, direct and blunt approach.

In my work titled “Lemon tea” camomile tea with lemon was distributed during bloody protests within the city of Prishtina, with the intention to relax and calm the tempered spirits.

Another work titled “Rinsing” consisted of world flags washed together at 90 degrees. The projects aim was to reveal the superficiality of national identification whilst addressing the pointlessness of nationalism. The Washing of the flags symbolised the eradication of uncertainty towards our identity. Erasing the connection whilst cleansing the self and belonging towards a synthetic material and basic dye substance.