Fan Chon Hoo

Fan Chon Hoo is a visual art practitioner. He was the co-founder of an art collective Run Amok Gallery (2012-2017). He completed his BA in Photography at the London College of Communication in 2010. He took part in No Man’s Land Residency Project in Taiwan (2017-2018). He participated in the 3rd edition of Makassar Biennale and had his first solo exhibition “The World Is Your Restaurant” in Kuala Lumpur recently. His practice explores taste as a cultural and social construct and how our value systems fluctuate as we migrate from one culture to another.


For this residency, I would like to expand my current ongoing project on Chinese banquet dining culture. Being born into a fisherman’s family that used to host and attend seafood banquet services, fish were a mainstay of my family’s diet. In recent years fish has been a recurring motif in my practice. Having said that, I would still love to explore the assigned city with an open mind, to be immersed in what the city has to offer, and along the way, discover any form of cultural artefact that might appear strangely familiar to pursue and explore.

Fan Chon Hoo’s residency is realised in context of SEA AiR – Studio Residencies for Southeast Asian Artists, a collaboration between NTU Centre for Contemporary Art (Singapore), HIAP (Helsinki), Villa Arson (Nice) and WIELS (Brussels).