Eveliina Hämäläinen

Eveliina Hämäläinen (b.1984) is a Finnish visual artist. Hämäläinen’s paintings picture relationship between imagination and observation, memory, disappearing and momentariness. The images in her paintings are fragments of memories and of observations brought back to mind. The strange light in her works makes distance, this light either reveals or hides the view.

During her one year residency in HIAP Hämäläinen is working with new paintings made with oil and tempera on canvas as well as ink on paper. She is interested on how the material changes to something else; the pigments and oil into painting and the mental image into real pictures. The pictures consist of many thin, translucent layers of colors. Overlapping pictures show double images, reflections and emptiness. The appearance of the works vary from shiny and glossy to worn out and obscure. Sometimes, on purpose, the surface has cracks or is full of lines or furrows. She thinks them to be traces which mould the scenery, shape the expressions on faces or the surface of the paintings.

Her latest works can be seen in the solo exhibition A Night between Years in Huuto Gallery Jätkä 1, 20.1.-7.2.2016 in Helsinki.