Eunea Lee

Eunea Lee (b. 1988) is a curator based in Seoul, South Korea. She holds a master’s degree in curatorial studies and arts management from Hongik University and she has worked as a curator for various institutions dealing with media art.

During her residency at HIAP, one of personal research is about a MAP (Media Art Points) for the examination of diversity in media art works and exhibitions. She plans to make a map and marks points related to media art in Helsinki such as exhibitions, artists, seminars, art-related projects as well as publications on the map. Moreover, she expects to find a role of media art and an opportunity to investigate on Korean contemporary art at HIAP by meeting with curators working in different fields. She expects to have in-depth conversations about recent exhibitions and changes with Korean and Finnish media art. She is also conducting research of photographers based in Finland for the next curating exhibition.

Recent curatorial research project includes a residency program for curators. She plans to interview with curators who have experienced the residency program in Finland as a case study so that she would like to figure out what they are concentrating on and what are things that can happen in them.