Elina Vainio

Elina Vainio is a Helsinki-based artist interested in pressing divisions between nature and culture. Her conceptually motivated practice is informed by intuition and curiosity, while her works, often in the form of installations or spatially specific compositions, testify to a knowledge and sensitivity of materials and space.

During my three spring months at HIAP, I will observe the sun’s path in the sky and the rapid increase in daylight hours. In addition to actively observing, the working methods I will employ on the island will be experimental investigations into elemental chemistry and stripped-down language, and any resulting works will be procedural and ephemeral in nature.

Elina Vainio is on a three-month workspace residency at HIAP in the frame of the three-year collaborative project Post-Fossil Transition, realised in partnership with Mustarinda. The project is supported by KONE Foundation.