Eleanor Wright & Sam Watson

Eleanor Wright & Sam Watson have collaborated on various projects alongside their individual practices since 2013. In 2014 they also co-founded the curatorial platform Drop City, with completed projects and partnerships across Europe. Their work draws on a shared interest in the broadly termed “built environment” and the roles of authorship, collaboration, and perception within artistic production. They have been invited to exhibit their collaborative work by galleries and public institutions, including M HKA, Antwerp; Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf; Arcade, London; Mauve, Vienna; Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle; and Durham Castle Museum. They have undertaken several residencies together focusing on the politics of collaboration including Cove Park, Scotland; Metal, Southend-on-Sea; and Villa Ruffieux/Fondation Mercier, Switzerland.

During our time in Helsinki and Finland we will explore the existing and potential inter-cultural cooperations and sites of co-working and production beyond contemporary arts into wider cultural society, that exist in and between our countries’ borders to reflect upon ideas of European cultural mobility and identities.—Eleanor & Sam