EL BOUM is the one-person creative studio by german-moroccan illustrator Jasmina El Bouamraoui. Her illustrations play within a bright and bold color range, blocky shapes and textures. The time spent in screenprinting studios during her studies at The University of Arts, Berlin where she graduated, as well as with queer and decolonial politics, are great influences of her work. The hand drawn work of EL BOUM has a fresh spirit to it and invites the viewer to question stereotypes of all kind.

During my stay in Helsinki I will work together with other authors and activists and exchange about diverse children’s literature. We will discuss the general approach in the area of children’s literature, talking about who is telling the story and how it is told. My focus lies on the illustrative area and how images are used inside the context of the story. I think it is important to rethink representation in illustrated literature, especially for children, as nowadays there are so many non-white children growing up all over Europe. It makes it obsolete to just tell stories with white characters.