Effrosyni Kontogeorgou

Effrosyni Kontogeorgou’s site-specific interventions sometimes appear to (mis)lead the visitors, (de)activate certain perceptions, set up obstacles in the middle of the way or provoke something unexpected or playful. After her diploma at the Athens School of Fine Arts, she completed her master’s degree in digital media at the University of the Arts in Bremen, where she also graduated the time-based media class under Jean-François Guiton. She got awarded with the Bremer Advancement Award for Fine Art and has been involved in several exhibitions and residencies internationally, among others at Skaftfell Art Center in Iceland, Weserburg Museum for Modern Art in Bremen and Westfälischer Kunstverein in Münster.

During the Helsinki Artist Residency my aim is to create a metaphysical analogy similar to Calvino’s approaches between the architectural structures of Suomenlinna fortress and those of coral reefs. Based on a site-specific research I want to produce an artistic book that will function as a model for an installation. For my project I would like to explore the history and structure of the fortress, as well as to gain insight on the evolution of coral reefs.

Effrosyni Kontogeorgou’s residency is organised in cooperation between HIAP and Künstlerhaus Bremen.