Eeva Marja Rönkä & Jani Anders Purhonen

Jani Purhonen is interested in exploring unconventional art spaces, emphasising low threshold co-authoring practices.

His process based work is also presented as part of Abstract, the summer exhibition at Sinne June 5–August 2, 2020.

Eeva Rönkä works with text/textile with a penchant for unique textile and embroidery.

She has shown her work in the Hyères festival and published fiction in VESTOJ The Platform for Critical Thinking in Fashion.

Purhonen and Rönkä are initiating a nano art space located in the industrial area of Roihupelto, Helsinki with the intention of inoculating a mix of elements for each show as a way to re-evaluate exhibiting conventions.


Somatic and culinary traditions

Interactive composition

Patchwork fragments tensions

Textile essays