Dılşa Perinçek

Dılşa Perinçek is a writer, cartoonist, digital artist, and electronic musician from Diyarbakır. Perinçek studied Radio, Cinema and Television at Marmara University – Communication Faculty, İstanbul from 2012 – 2016, having previously studied Ancient Languages at Ankara University. She has extensive experience in communication and the arts, working across varied disciplines including writing, media and communication technologies. In 2016 Perinçek produced several cartoon films for Kurdish children. Perinçek’s research focuses on the impact of new technological productions on society focusing on the interplay between new technological usages and an as yet only imagined future.

During my residency in HIAP, I aim to focus less on my main researches but work towards of liberating inner creativity by wandering in action universe of How rather than What and Why.

Dılşa Perinçek is a MOBILE Resident at HIAP in Helsinki. This programme is curated by Perpetuum Mobile – PM and co-hosted by PM and HIAP on the island of Suomenlinna.