Demitrios Kargotis (b. 1982, London, England) and Dash Macdonald (b. 1983, Wendover, England) have been working in collaboration since graduating from the Royal College of Art. Through public performance, creative social experiments and humorous interventions, their practice explores and exposes the effect of existing socio-political systems and institutional mechanisms.

Current work centres on their interest in communication and education models and the role they play in influencing perceptions and constructing reality: from political rhetoric to the representational politics of reality TV, edutainment to experiential learning and the reach of theatre into everyday life. With emphasis on public engagement, collaboration and outreach, their research is also concerned with developing events that combine entertainment with critical pedagogy, creating dialogue with diverse audiences outside of established art institutions.

Their work has been exhibited internationally in Dundee, Berlin, Athens, Helsinki, Bucharest, Istanbul, Tokyo, Linz, Zurich, Zagreb, Gijon and London. Demitrios also lectures at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and Dash Macdonald lectures at the Royal College of Art in the Design Products department and at Coventry University in the Design and Visual Arts Department.

During their stay in Helsinki dashNdem are presenting a contest Show Your Sisu that takes over a variety of media using the format of a TV talent show and invites the public to explore what sisu has come to represent in contemporary Finnish culture.